Tuesday Sep 12, 2023

The Lessons In Legacy Podcast - Philanthropy Edition, In Conversation with Sarah Woolnough

The Lessons in Legacy Podcast is a series that follows on from Boodle Hatfield's ‘Lessons in Legacy’ research - an initiative that explores what legacy means to families and individuals in the 21st century. The series provides a platform for a dialogue with a number of leading academics, professional advisers and business leaders about the evolution in the approaches, attitudes and adjustments successful individuals and families are taking to plan for wealth transfer.

In celebrating our 300 year anniversary in 2022, we have taken time to pause and reflect on the concept of legacy both from our own and our clients’ perspective. What is clear, is that legacy is no longer just about wealth preservation. Wealth holders are increasingly seeing philanthropy as a core part of their legacy. When done well, it delivers greater environmental and societal impact, creates a broader sense of purpose around wealth, and encourages pride in the footprint our clients leave behind. However, whilst there has been a growth in interest in philanthropy, the level of impactful giving in the UK is not where it should be, despite it being needed more than ever against the backdrop of climate change, wars, and growing wealth inequality.

To delve deeper into the topic of philanthropy and its growing role in the creation of a meaningful legacy amongst successful individuals and families, we have created a mini-series within our Lessons in Legacy Podcast with Alberto Lidji, Visiting Fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School & Founder of “The Do One Better” Knowledge Hub and Podcast, along with a series of leading philanthropy experts. Across the five part mini-series we hope to deliver a rich and challenging conversation that explores how the concept of legacy impacts a person’s approach to philanthropy; why it is important for established philanthropists and potential philanthropists to consider the impact of their initiatives; whether philanthropy is too much of a distraction from the important purpose of tax; how our tax system can continue to facilitate greater philanthropy; and how we can significantly move the needle on philanthropic giving.

In the first episode of ‘The Philanthropy Edition’ Alberto Lidji and Clare Stirzaker are joined by Sarah Woolnough. Sarah is the CEO of Asthma + Lung UK, a charity leading the fight to improve care and support for everyone with a lung condition. She is Co-Chair of the NHS England National Respiratory Board and also sits on the Board of the Accelerating Access Collaborative, a key government initiative aimed at encouraging swifter adoption of new technologies and treatments to tackle ill health. Sarah is passionate about improving outcomes for all those with a lung condition and reversing the historic lack of investment in lung research. She has led several successful public health campaigns and is a vocal campaigner for clean air. Together Alberto, Sarah and Clare look at the impact donations and supporters have on charities and the work that is undertaken to shape personal relationships with philanthropists to build trust and ensure a mutual partnership is aligning with the objectives of both parties.

This podcast is intended to provide a first point of reference for current developments in aspects of the law. It should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice. If you would like to discuss any of the points raised during the podcast, please do not hesitate to contact our speakers using the details listed below.


Clare Stirzaker, Private Client Partner at Boodle Hatfield
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Alberto Lidji, Visiting Fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School & Founder of “The Do One Better” Knowledge Hub and Podcast
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Sarah Woolnough, CEO at Asthma + Lung UK
T: +44 (0)20 7786 4901
Find Sarah on LinkedIn here
Find out more about Asthma + Lung UK here

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